Service Station/C-Store/Carwash Appraisal

Going-Concern-Appraisal-CardiffIRR San Diego has completed a commercial appraisal of a retail property located in Cardiff-By-The-Sea (Encinitas) in San Diego County. The property consists of a service station (gas station), fast food retail space, and a carwash totaling about 4,900 square feet. Built in 1970, the improvements were later expanded and renovated in 2007. The site area is 0.73 acres on two parcels, with one of the parcels encumbered with a ground lease. The purpose of this commercial valuation was for loan underwriting purposes for a lender.

This assignment involved a valuation of the market value of the going concern, which includes the real estate (e.g. land, building, site improvements, etc.); furniture, fixtures, and equipment necessary to operate the businesses; and business value (which includes items such as goodwill). Both Jeff Greenwald and Eric Schneider are both qualified sources for going concern properties as they have earned the ASA designation from the American Society of Appraisers.

If you have any questions regarding the appraisal of service stations, carwash properties, or other going concern properties, please contact us today at 858-259-4900 or

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