Redevelopment Property Appraisal in San Diego

bankers-hill-appraiserIntegra Realty Resources – San Diego has completed a commercial appraisal of a redevelopment property located in San Diego community of Bankers Hill. The subject site is currently improved with a 59,000 square foot medical office building of concrete and steel construction with one level of subterranean parking. The improvements were constructed in 1960, are 100% vacant as of the effective appraisal date, and are essentially at the end of their economic life. These improvements are located on a 0.83 acre site. The purpose of this commercial valuation was for loan underwriting purposes for a lender, as the property is slated to be redeveloped for mixed-use.

If you have any questions or needs regarding appraising property for redevelopment purposes, please contact us today at 858-259-4900 or

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