Recent Commercial (Industrial) Appraisal: Contractor Storage Yard Property in Escondido

Industrial-Appraiser-Contractor-Storage-Yard-EscondidoIRR San Diego has completed a  commercial appraisal of an industrial property (contractor storage yard) located in Escondido, San Diego County. This type of industrial property is unique from other industrial property types in that it typically consists of a small building on a larger site. In this case, the building has 850 square feet of rentable area and is located on a 11,250 square foot site (0.26 acres), which equates to an FAR of 0.076. The purpose of this commercial valuation was for loan underwriting purposes for a lender.

For more information on the appraisal of industrial properties, please check out our recent post on adjustments made during the valuation process.

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