Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase, and For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

pre-listingToday’s market can be challenging. Whether you’re a property owner selling your property on your own, a seasoned real estate broker trying to establish a fair list price, or a buyer/investor looking to make a quick purchase, it is often difficult to sift through all of the market data to determine a true value for a property.

So it’s common for property owners, real estate brokers, and buyers/investors to rely on appraisers for assistance when establishing a list or purchase price for a property.

That’s where Integra Realty Resources comes in as we have a long history of working with all different types of parties trying to sell or purchase a property their own home as well as real estate brokers needing additional support for their own listings (or to prove to their clients the true market value of a property).

At Integra Realty Resources we can provide you with a professional 3rd party appraisal, that ensures an accurate description of your property’s features, and a detailed analysis of the most recent and comparable sales, and a detailed analysis of market rents and expenses.

In addition to helping you estimate the value of your property, a professional appraisal:

  • Provides an effective tool for negotiating with potential buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers
  • Helps instill confidence in potential buyers and sellers since you have written proof of the property’s value
  • Highlights upfront any obvious repair problems which helps eliminate last-minute repair hassles that might delay closing
  • Decreases the chances of sales falling through due to unforeseen problems

For sellers, keep in mind that overpriced properties attract far fewer buyers, which means fewer and possibly no offers, wasting valuable time, money, and efforts while an underpriced property can result in a lower selling price and you leaving substantial money on the table. On the other side, a buyer can avoid overpaying for a property with a market-supported appraisal.

Getting a appraisal will help you and/or your team determine a true value for your property, whether your goal is to maximize your chances of selling quickly for top dollar or paying a market-supported price for your property. In addition, we can help you determine what, if any, improvements would be the most cost effective in adding additional value to your property.

A full appraisal may or may not be needed depending on what it is you’re looking for. Often times a more limited valuation or market analysis report is entirely appropriate, whereas other times a full interior and exterior valuation may be necessary.

Give us a call today with any questions you might have and also check out our ‘Praise’ page and see what others are saying about Jeff Greenwald and Integra Realty Resources.