Industrial Appraisal in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana-Mexico-Industrial-Real-Estate-AppraisalIntegra San Diego has completed a commercial appraisal of an industrial property located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. The building, built in 2007, is approximately 220,000 square feet in size and is located on a 9.64 acre site.  The building is 100% owner-occupied as is used for heavy manufacturing. In addition to the site area, there is a road easement that provides non-exclusive access to the subject (IRR San Diego appraised both the industrial property and the easement). The purpose of this commercial valuation was for loan underwriting purposes for a lender.

Tijuana is well-known for its large, industrial properties. Manufacturing operations, also called “maquiladoras”, are foreign-owned assembly plants in Mexico that import raw materials to the United States on a duty-free basis and export finished products around the world. They are also often referred to as “twin plants” because the companies establish facilities on both sides of the United States/Mexican border. Tijuana provides a favorable location to manufacturing plants because of its close proximity to the border. This area has attracted the attention of many worldwide investors because of its favorable economic environment and incentives.

Integra Realty Resources – San Diego is one of the leading commercial appraisal firms that provides appraisal services for clients in Tijuana. If you have any questions regarding appraisal assignments in Tijuana, please contact us today at (858) 259-4900 or

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